Warning for below mentioned traders who give a bad reputation to our business:

Mr. Miguel Ángel
Pasaje Caudal, 4 - P.I. El Viso
29006 Málaga

Phone: (+34) 95 231 77 89 / Fax: (+34) 95 231 95 76
E -mail: info@sugrasur.com

We bought and paid an ECRM Mako3650 from this company and paid the whole amount in March 2013.

We never received this machine and after many phone calls and over 30 emails, we still did not receive any refund,

because Mr. Miguel Ángel  told us that he will not send the money back. Mr. Miguel Ángel told us many stories and promised over 30 times that the Mako3650 will be delivered.

As it seems now, he never had or will have any machine that he owns himself. Beware of this fraud